Friday, November 5, 2010

Our First Week

Today is Friday, well actually late Friday evening here. I am just posting a few pictures of today's visit. Then it's off to bed. We found a fantastic pizza place just around the corner from our apartment. It cost about $15 (tip included) for our family to have: two pizzas, three pepsi's, one ice cream, and two espressos. WOW! It tasted GREAT! The service was phenomenal. However - Phillip came out of the restroom with a funny look on his face. I knew without him saying anything that he found ... a turkish toilet. A turkish toilet is a hole in the floor, and ... ahem ... you squat. Funny stuff! ;)
Below is a favorite picture of mine: I snapped the picture just as Ivanna was waving to me.

I had put a bow in her hair. She kept tilting her head back and forth and the bow would flop. She was trying so hard to see it. It was cute. This is the FIRST of many bows for this girl's hair!

Look at those eyes! She always seems more alert in the evening.

We brought apple juice for both children. I have to spoon it into Ivanna's mouth. She doesn't get much this way, but at least it is a bit to wet her tongue down and give her a taste. Slowly but surely ... she'll get there.
Matthew is a champ at the cup, however there is much that does dribble out of his mouth. He loves the juice and tries to chug it down. We have to monitor him as he will choke because he tries to swallow so hard and fast.
All dressed in pink. This is the FIRST time I have seen her in pink. Here she is wearing about three layers so I eventually took her jacket and hat off and put a bow on.

We brought Matthew some legos for the evening visit.

He loves plants. Loves to shake them like crazy and watch the leaves sway.

First piggy back ride with Daddy. There will be alot of firsts coming his way.

Here we go again with the shaking trees! LOL

Okay, we are in a country that we have no clue in how to read the language, or speak the language. It makes shopping ... interesting. Cooking is even more so, when you have one frying pan, and two small pots, no oven and you just have no clue. Phillip threw chicken, potatoes, and onions into the skillet. He had no seasoning, and so warned us it may be bland - then said this dish is called: "Shut it ... and Eat it" meaning: shut yo trap and just eat. ;) HILARIOUS, and ... it was GREAT!
** To my kiddos at home**
Mommy is missing you so very much tonight. I have been thinking and praying for you all day. I was a bit discouraged when the Lord reminded me how much more our missionaries endure. They do it indefinately (for a LOOOONG time) and they do it to serve Christ. This thought convicted me. Mommy is here for a month (little over) and while that feels like FOREVER - because I miss you and I miss all the things of home - it really is a short amount of time. I think of our missionaries, and how much they must miss their families, familiar foods, faces and culture. I think of how vulnerable they must feel - and how it goes without notice or appreciation by their fellow brethren. This is when I got smote in my heart. When Mommy and Daddy get back - let's try and be a blessing to our missionaries who are serving in other countries by sending a box here and there of things that they may miss. I have a feeling that American toilet paper could be one of them. (because I miss that ... LOL) Let's turn these days of missing one another into blessings revealed by serving others. We can do this!!!
One way for you to help count down the days is to make a chain like we do at Christmas time to count down to Christmas Day. If you forget how - I will try and skype with you tomorrow and remind you.
Sending you All the love I have within me. You are all my little treasures. Can't wait to have us all together.


The Broxton's said...

Love seeing all the photos!! Excited to meet these two children!! So sweet! My mother said you need baby food-we have baby food & cereal, you are more then welcomed to have it!! We have A LOT-No Joke! Bud is done with eating it. Don't want it to go to waste! Praying for you all! Love and Miss!~Broxtons

Mcarthur Mile said...
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Mcarthur Mile said...

I made cinnamon rolls yesterday and it made me miss you bunches. I miss those late nights of sweet fellowship in your home, armed with coffee and cinnamon rolls. This season in life feels like watching my children grow older. God has grown and changed us for what he has planned and it is awesome to be used of the Lord, but I miss those early days (almost like the baby years) and will always be thankful for your family guiding our family. Helping God build a strong foundation for our walk. We love you guys. You should have seen the look on the boys faces when I told them about the "turkish toilets". So after you appointment on the 11th, what is next. I am curious about the process.
Love, the Mcarthurs
p.s. Maxx thinks that Matthew is going to be just his size!

Vegkley Family said...

Phillip & Charrissa, Your sweet family has been heavily on my heart of late. I know how difficult it is to be separated from your children and I will pray for peace during your time apart. I am following your blog daily and have been moved to tears several times. Matthew and Ivanna are beautiful! They are going to be such a blessing to your family. Keep the pictures and posts coming as they are working on hearts here at home. With love, Dee Vegkley & Family

Grace said...

Ivanna looks so good in this set of pictures!

handstrustinhim said...

Thank you for continuing to share your journey Charrissa. Makes me long for my own. I love you and we all continue to pray for you! Keep the posts coming because each of them touches my heart and overwhelms my tear ducts everytime. I love you sweet friend and am SOOOO thankful the Lord is using you in this way!

MissyB said...


We are praying for you! I loved seeing Ivanna's is good to see both of them smile! It has been a joy to see all the pictures and read the post. They are such sweet blessings. It is amazing to see how God is working in your lives!! We love you!!

Maria and Family said...

LOVE LOVE the picture. I can see Ivanna is looking better with you there. Sweet little girl. They are going to blow your mind when you get them home. I cant believe the progress Taiya is making each day. She is crawling across the ROOM! And will walk with us holding her hands! A couple weeks ago she just layed on the floor :( you are truly a blessing in your childrens lives and boy oh boy are they going to bless you :) love ya!

Molly said...

So you met Matthew on November 1st 2010. On November 1st 2009 I became his christmas warrior.

And now, one year later TO THE DAY, you met your son. He met his mommy! How freaking cool is that!


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