Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today's Visit

I won't type long, I am exhausted and emotional (will go into later). Our morning visit took place outside. I helped to get Matthew dressed into his snowsuit. Is it snowing here, you ask? No. That's just how it's done. You go outside with full blown snowsuit, boots, mittens, and hat. All laced and tied as tight as you can. I actually snuck and loosened Ivanna's hat a bit because it seemed to be choking her. I was suprised they let Ivanna outside with them thinking she is so frail. Here are the pictures from the morning visit:

Getting my boy ready to go

Singing to Ivanna

Cuddling my baby girl

Matthew LOVES this sparkly ball we brought from home. Our friends, Luke and Mary actually purchased it for our other daughter, Chloe - we thought to bring it along. Well, it is a huge hit! He puts it near his eye to see the sparkles and then tries to lick the ball. So adorable.

More of the ball.

My sweet baby Ivanna, who will actually turn five November 26th while we are still here, but praise God we should have physical custody of her by then.

It is hard for her to sit up on her own, especially when dressed like an eskimo. Shhhhh.... don't tell. I opened up her snowsuit at the neck so she would not choke. Anytime a worker came near, I would quickly re-velcro it back.

Matthew loves bubbles and laughed at them.

Okay, this was fun. I saw that they had piles of leaves around. What are those good for? Well, kicking and picking up to throw! Matthew loved it. He started picking up leaves and throwing them everywhere with super cute giggles.

Matthew is so into his Daddy. Ofcourse, who wouldn't be. I think Phillip is probably the best Dad I have ever seen. So patient, loving and kind. Anyone who has seen him in action knows this to be true. Look at the sheer joy radiating between these two. Beautiful.

Ivanna. Sleeping. Poor sweetie. I am wondering if she is on medications that might be causing her drowsiness. She is so tired, and groggy. This evening I went with Isaac for our evening visit. I visited with Matthew for an hour and then went to Ivanna's groupa. Yes, they are in different areas. Matthew is actually with healthy children, Ivanna - she is not. Some may remember a post from another Mom who has adopted entitled "That Room" - well, I believe Ivanna is in that room.
I walked to the waiting area just outside her groupa, they left the door open. I could see inside where they had other chidlren, all disabled on the floor, in the cribs, and sitting in chairs. They all seemed well cared for. I saw Lori and Jewell from Reece's Rainbow. These are both girls found in the "other angels" section. They both have CP. Jewell was walking well. Lori waved.
However, there was no Ivanna in this room. They had to go to yet another room where they retrieved her from. They brought her out to me. Her legs are quite limp from what I assume is not physical therapy. She can move them, and even kick if I prod her to. Her feet are tiny, probably a size three or four - for a girl who is nearly five. Her mouth is quite dry, from being dehydrated. Her breath does not smell good from it. The lady brought Isaac and I an apple to eat but warned us to not feed Ivanna. Hmmm. So she must not have been introduced to solids. I took a bite to be polite, then hid the apple. I couldn't bring myself to eat in front of her. I did bring some cream with me, and when I could - rubbed some on her hands and cheeks. It looks as if she may be biting her little hands. I rocked and sang to her and even tickled her to hear some giggles. This was suprising. I love both children so much already.
I know that if Ivanna had been transferred - things would have been bleak. Praise the Lord that He has seen fit to allow us to bring both these beautiful children home.
It was good for Isaac to see these others in Ivanna's groupa. He asks good questions - like why don't others come? or Why don't more people care? I know many care - but don't know how to respond.
Pray. Pray for them - that families would step forward, that provisions be met, and that these children could know the love of a family.
This is why I am emotional tonight. I am thrilled at being here, but not. I am thankful for the opportunity, but feel helpless for those who I saw tonight that I can not bring back. I so desire to bring Matthew and Ivanna home, that it hurts to hand them back - especially Ivanna.
Anyhow - sorry for my rambling. Thank you for sharing this journey with us - and I am looking to the day we can come home with our babies in our arms.


Penny said...

thank you for loving these babies. thank you for being the "hands and feet of Jesus" to them, and raising awareness for those still needing homes. praying for you (as i wipe the tears from my eyes).....God bless y'all!

Anonymous said...

So good to see the pictures. Can't wait to see Ivanna blossom in your home and family, fed, cared for and loved. By many. God is good. With love, the Bowdens.

Rich, Andrea, Reece & Owen said...

Charrissa....the ONLY thing standing in the way of these children having loving families of their own is MONEY. There are hundreds of families who would give their left arm to bring these children out of the orphanages, but they lack the funds to do so. I feel quite confident, after 4 1/2 years, that if every child on our site had a full grant, there would BE no children waiting on our site. Not everyone is meant to adopt, not everyone is in a position to adopt, but they can share RR with others and they can donate to save the life of a particular child. It really is that easy.

Kate said...

As the mother of another sweet girl who was given meds for "good sleep," I fully understand the emotions you're experiencing. It is SO HARD to keep your mouth quiet and not say anything. I know. I will tell you the same thing Adeye told me when I shared my heartbreak with her over how my Bethany was being treated ~ "Hang in... know the day IS coming when she won't be in there anymore... just hold on..."

So many prayers for Ivanna & Matthew & you & your dh. Count down the days... their rescue IS coming & I praise God for that!!!

Lacey said...

Oh Ivanna has no chance if she was to be transferred! I'm so thankful that you are rescuing her from there! It is a good orphanage, but I think with kido's like her, they are not quite sure what to do, and think that these drugs are ok! It must be warmer than even when we were there. It was too cold for us to take Arina outside!

mark said...

I have been following your journey since the first blog auction. You all look so great together. Your newest additions will thrive within months on your family love. Thanks for sharing......the Lacombe's

Kirsten said...

We are just recently home and I cannot say that our little Victoria was given meds. But I know without a doubt that she was in "that room". She is almost 2, so yes younger than Hailee or Theo or Ivanna, but as frail as she is I am not sure she would have even made it til 5 yrs. She is really about the development of a 5 month old but making huge progress every day!! We are praying for you and I know your heart is breaking! But soon she will be with you full time and she will start on the road to recovery with the love of a family! Nothing beats that!!!

Tom and April said...

Sending hugs to you right now and the kids. I love them so much.In times like this I would just love to be right there to hug you and say God knows each and every need that these little ones have and Praise the Lord Matthew and Ivanna have you as a mommy! We will be praying for the others you mentioned. Love you guys. We are keeping track while we travel.

Tracey Sharp said...

Charissa, They are both beautiful!! We will be praying for you all.

Jenny B. said...

Yay! Thank you so much for keeping us abreast of your journey. Your post made me laugh out loud and brought tears to my eyes all at the same time. :) Your babies are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. They truly are, inside and out it seems. Their sweet countenance shows in their precious eyes. Love that Matthew loves the ball and the leaves! How amazing to be able to give these children the gift of love, physically and emotionally, as I am sure they never before knew it. Keep the posts coming (as you can)! :)

Katie said...

They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this with us -- those sweethearts mean so much to me and so many others. What a truly awesome experience you are having! I know that Ivanna will blossom and thrive under your loving care. Her true personality will shine through, she will have a head full of glossy brown hair, baths, pretty clothes, and lots and lots of love to awaken her from her sleepy state. I can't wait to see it all unfold. My son had strabismus surgery on both eyes when he was 18 months old, and it was a pretty dramatic difference. We were used to how he looked before the surgery, but afterward, it was startling how he was actually "looking" straight right at us. Let me know if you have any questions, for sure.

Looking Up said...

Thank God you are there to rescue Matthew & Ivanna. I cannot even imagine what it must be like to see the other children, knowing that they will be left behind. I know how difficult it is for me to read about it...thousands of miles away, but to see it in person, must be heartwrenching. Sending many prayers your way. God bless you & your family.

Mrs. Pizo said...

The children are so sweet and I can not get over their little faces, they are priceless. My heart breaks for Ivanna, but I am so excited for her future! I have been praying for you, Phillip, and Isaac while you are there. I have to say I have checked everyday to see updated pictures and to see how your day is. God is good and he will continue to guide your family.

Mcarthur Mile said...

My dearest friends, I am so excited for you! YOUR children are so beautiful, I am sure it must be heart wrenching to see the other children, I am praying for a ready heart and for others to come forward. Jewel such a beautiful girl. Bro Schwanke has been at BB and it has been such a revival!! We love you guys and have been in prayer for you. Keep your eyes on things that matter. Phil 4-8, Finally brethren, whatsoever things are true , whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. What sizes are the kids? I can't wait to hug and kiss them!!

Anonymous said...

They are adorable. I thought I read you were trying for a third little one. Is that still happening or no longer!

Shannon Sacramento ca

Just Me @ My Domestic Experiments said...

Matthew very much reminds me of my son even more so now that you've met him. I bet he'd LOVE swings and the pool when summer comes around next year.


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