Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Sad Reality Shared

I just skyped with Phillip and Isaac on what is expected to be their last morning in the region we are adopting from. They are now up and getting ready to head over to the orphanage, fill out the necessary paperwork, get Ivanna and Max dressed and take both children out for good. I will admit, I am a bit jealous of this day. I did so yearn for this day as we prepared for the adoption. However, I also know that being home with the rest of my children was needful for me - I missed them so much. So, I wrap up this evening with a butterfly of excitement in my tummy. I am thrilled that Max and Ivanna will be starting their new life today. I am filled with joy at the thought that Isaac and my husband will be cuddling Max and Ivanna all day - and I praise Christ for everything He has allowed for us to experience in this adoption. I praise Him for allowing us this very special opportunity, and for adding to our family in this way.

I also wanted to share a post that a friend of mine published on her blog. I have linked to her blog before. She and her husband adopted a little boy named Aaron - from within the walls of an institution. They were the first to do so with regards to this particular institution. While difficult to read, I believe it is needful to illustrate exactly why it is so imperative to step in and adopt these children prior to being transferred. However, even after they are transferred, let's not forget about them. They are still needing to be rescued. Two children who are adoptable are within this institution: Brady and Heath. Both boys have Down syndrome. I will continue to not just pray for them, but to post and remind ou of them. They need a family. Will things be a little more difficult given their age and the fact that they are coming from an institution? Sure. However, I'm so glad that my Saviour didn't look down at me and declare me "too much work" to be hassled with.
Here is the link to the blog post I speak of: A Sad Reality Part Two:

This is Brady. He is six and was transferred to the institution this summer.

This is Heath. He tugs at my heart. I see Justus in his face.


Jenny B. said...

YIPPEE on bringing home Matthew and Ivanna for good!! Hope their trip home is uneventful. :)

Faith for Hope said...

Oh Charrissa! We read that post too... it breaks my heart to see and hear about it. But we CAN NOT turn a "deaf ear" nor be "blind" to these sad realities! We are praying and working for the day we can be used to DO something for these beautiful and precious children who are just wanting to be loved by a family. Praying also for others to be burden for them too. ~ Grace


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