Thursday, June 24, 2010

Almost Done with Homestudy

I received a telephone call today from our physician who did our medical exam for both the home study and dossier. The paperwork that she filled out should be ready by tomorrow to pick up. I will then scan and send the dossier forms to our stateside helpers and the home study form to our social worker. I am now praying that the forms were filled out correctly. The home study form should be fine.

The dossier form is what I'm a little concerned over. Dossier paperwork is where the money is. This is a packet of everything anyone ever wanted to know about you, and more. It is what gets sent to the country you are adopting from. The medical exam form is just one piece of this very big puzzle. The notary seal needs to be correct. The forms need to be filled out just so, it's a little confusing on what the answers should be ... ya da ya da ya da. You get the picture. Then once the form is approved via email by your stateside helper - you get to send it to your state's apostilling office. (a notary for notaries) Soooo ... if the form is NOT filled out correctly - it delays things - as I need to get the physician to fill it out again and re-notarize. So ... let's just pray it's done right the first time.

Once the home study form is emailed over to our social worker, the only thing left to do is notarize our financial statement on Saturday. Then we are DONE with what we needed to do to get the home study completed. (except one more visit from the social worker) This is great. A home study is what is key when applying for any grants. The process can take up to three months. It looks as if ours will be done in one month from when we started. Yay!

Now ... onto Dossier preparations ...

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Trusting that all will go smoothly for you....


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