Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet the Brownings

We were just recently asked a few questions for the Reece's Rainbow blog. We are very thankful for this ministry and for the people who offer support and encouragement through it. Just follow this link: to see the interview. You can also click on the image below. Once there you should explore the site for more helpful information or read about other adopting families.

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Sandra said...

congratulations on your gorgeous children. such a wonderful time when parents and children find each other and heaven and earth are moved to make the miracle of family happen. cant wait to read more

April said...

I am so happy to hear that you have committed to bringing Matthew and Ivanna into your family. We are adopting Alyona from the same orphanage.

handstrustinhim said... would be so awesome if you and April were able to go at the same time to bring back your little sweeties. I think I will be praying for that:)

Tommy said...

I second that. Also I would like to say, Medium Roast JustLove coffee-Goodnight Moon is the best you gotta try it out if you haven't!!! ~April N.

Our mission said...

Congratulations on committing and beginning your adoption journey. WE are happy to see Matthew and Ivanna have a family to love them in the Lord. We pray God will bless and provide the way for your family. We are on the same journey as we get ready to go adopt 2 precious ones with disabilities. It was a great encouragement to me (still is) to read other families blogs and follow their journeys ahead of me-- you are welcome to visit our blog at:
love, the Adamsons


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