Monday, June 14, 2010

New Family Portrait

Ethan drew us a new family portrait. In order from left to right: Daddy, Mommy, Isaac, Gabriel, Ethan, Ivanna, Matthew, Elisabeth, Chloe and Justus.
This masterpiece has been affixed to the most sought after gallery around: our refrigerator.


Looking Up said...

Suitable for framing.... :)

Tommy said...

So sweet! I agree definitely should be framed!~April

April said...

How precious. His picture is a keeper!

handstrustinhim said...

love it! He should make another and add it to the auction:)

Our mission said...

Children are so amazingly accepting and loving of all other children...that has been so precious to us to see our children welcome in our adopted Sean (also Downs) and then want to bring home more! Excited for your family :)


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