Wednesday, June 2, 2010

While We Wait

Well, while we are waiting to put the finishing touches on this blog - we are busy filling out paperwork for our homestudy. We had the first meeting with our social worker last Wednesday, and everything went well. It looks as if we have been approved for three children - so we are praying about adding a third child to the adoption. One in particular has my heart, but he is in a different region, which brings more difficulty into the matter. I am having a rough time accepting that we may not be able to get him. He was the first one to capture my heart. Once he is transferred to an institution he cannot be adopted out of it. So ... while I cannot mention his name or what orphanage he is in - I would ask that you pray for him. Pray that a family would come forward, and if that is to be us - that God would make it clear and provide the means by which to do it. I trust that God will lead us to that third child...

Meanwhile, I am getting so excited thinking of bringing Matthew and Ivanna home. Ellie keeps talking about how she is going to help Ivanna stand up. She and Ivanna are the same age, but Ivanna cannot walk yet. I am hopeful that with extra love and therapy and a repair to her heart that she will be walking in no time. Hang on Ivanna - we are coming for you sweet girl. Ellie can't wait to hold your hand!

Ethan has promised to give Matthew his most treasured stuffed elephant. He says it will help him go to sleep at night. (this makes my heart sing - my children are learning so much through this, and we are just beginning) Matthew - you are going to have your heart's content of boy stuff to do around here with your four new brothers!

So for now - I fill out paperwork and anxiously await the day we can announce this all on Facebook and our family blog! How exciting that will be!


handstrustinhim said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO! This baptist girl is dancing with excitement!!! I am so excited for you all. I am so honored to be a friend, a help, a cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on, and most of all a spectator of my GREAT God's goodness to you, Browning Family, and to these sweet children you are going to be a FOREVER FAMILY TO! May God be glorified in all aspects of this adoption and may He make Himself known to us in imaginable ways through it all so that He will be given the glory in testimony after testimony after testimony as He provides and makes way through this new journey!

Looking Up said...

I just wanted to say that it is most definitely not a "fluke" that you have felt led to adopt these precious children. I too have spent much time gazing at the sweet faces on the Reece's Rainbow website, sobbing at the thought of these little ones spending their lives confined to cribs or even worse. Matthew, in particular, had captured my heart. There was just something about the photo that reminded me of my own little boy, Josh (who also has DS). Ever since I saw his picture, I have been dilligently praying for God to rescue him from the orphanage & for little Matthew to find his forever family. When Andrea contacted me to let me know that Matthew had found a family & their name was "Browning" I cried tears of joy. I have been following your other blog for a little while now & was so excited to learn that Matthew & Ivanna would be joining your beautiful family. How blessed they will be!!! I will continue to lift your family up in prayer as you make this asoption journey. Will also be sending more sponsorship funds your way as soon as I can. God Bless you!

Lisa said...

I'm so excited to see that you are adopting little Ivanna. She has been my prayer child for a long time now...maybe 2 years. I can't tell you how thankful I am for your family.
God bless you. I will continue to pray for Ivanna until she is safely in your arms.


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