Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Thing Done

Today we were able to get one big "thing" accomplished. Both Phillip and I got through our physical just fine. We left the paperwork with the physician so that she can follow up with a few more results with blood work results and then get the forms notarized. These should be done in just a couple of days. This will complete both the Dossier and Homestudy medical requirements. I felt really bad about the long list of "do's" and "do-nots" that I left her with. Such as: DO make sure your signature date and that of the notary are the same. Or: DO NOT put in medical diagnosis codes in the blanks. I think she is new to this practice, and so we may have overwhelmed her slightly. She was very sweet and willing to do whatever is needed, right down to making a notarized copy of her license. This was a huge answer to prayer - as I have heard that many headaches can arise from the dreaded medical forms and exams. Now, we are just praying that the forms are filled out correctly so we don't have to re-do anything.

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Tommy said...

Yay one step closer to those sweet faces!!!!~A


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