Monday, June 14, 2010

Our First International Mailing

Today we were able to mail the first of many set of documents to the country of which we are adopting from. We sent out four power of attorney documents and one child specific petition. These all had to be notarized and apostilled. I was very surprised to see how quickly the apostilling process actually took. I had just sent out the documents to be apostilled last week, and received them back on Saturday via mail. We also were able to complete the application process for our passports on Friday, as well as get our lab draws done. We had to reschedule our physical to a different doctor. Upon confirming our appointment with our family doctor, I had found out that he does not have an on site notary - I had been told originally that he did. So, not wanting to pay for a travelling notary, I found another doctor that had one within his facility. We will be getting our physical done on June 21st.
We also started our on-line course work that our social worker (sw) is requiring for the completion of our home study (hs). We are required to do twelve hours of courses that pertain to international adoption. This sort of reminded me of those cheesy movies that you had to watch throughout high school. We finished one course tonight and now have 1o.5 hours left. Bring on the popcorn ... and the cheese ...

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