Monday, June 21, 2010


Matthew as a baby. Sweet ... can't wait to have him home.


I just want to kiss his cheeks.

Look at his smile ... heart melting.

As it says on our sidebar - Matthew is five years old. He turned five in February and is blessed to still be in the baby house. Phillip was the first to fall in love with this little boy, saving his picture to his phone. Matthew's eyes ... they are so big and sparkle. We are looking forward to loving and hugging on him. Here are a few more pictures of Matthew, including a baby picture. He has been listed and waiting for a family for two plus years. We are excited to be able to bring him home and save him from a life within the walls of a mental institution. To be able to give him his first Christmas and watch him as he snuggles into his Daddy's arms. I'm sure Phillip can't wait to save more pictures to his phone of little Matthew - ones where he is no longer an orphan. The thought thrills my soul.


Michelle said...

SO happy for you guys! Little Matthew is precious.

Molly said...

such a cute photo! it was on my christmas tree!

Looking Up said...

He touches my heart. So thrilled for him & for you. :)

Anonymous said...

cute.. cute. cute!! I can't wait till he is home!! Even more so now that I see these pictures. Thanks for the update:)

The Mac's House said...

He's adorable. Thrilled beyond belief that he is going to have a family to love him.

Tay :) said...

Oh sweet boy, you are so precious!
Those big blue eyes and rosie red cheeks are adorable!
Praying for you xoxo

Jenny B. said...

Can't wait to hear that he is home!!


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