Monday, June 28, 2010

One More Week

Well, it looks as if we will postpone the raffle for a week. This is for a couple of reasons. We have been overwhelmed since our last post, with more generous donations and outpouring of support. We want to be able to do a good job in listing these items as well as make sure that we are as organized as possible. So ... I will take this week and finish taking pictures of new items and such. We also are thinking of doing two bigger raffles instead of the weekly smaller raffles. This will be a little more fun and exciting for all involved. We have had MANY wonderful items that have already been donated, as well as others that people are working on as I type. We have had vacations, photography sessions, boutique items, as well as many other things donated. It should be a great success. You can help by taking this week to spread the word. I will try and have the raffle up on the blog by next week. So, feel free to tell as many folks as you can. Also, if you feel as if you would like to donate to our raffle (local or not), please use the 'contact us' tab in our menu and get in touch with us. We appreciate all of the donations thus far. YOU are a HUGE blessing and are apart of bringing Matthew and Ivanna home! THANK YOU!

We also have some other exciting news: we are DONE with our requirements for our home study. I just received an email from our social worker who has confirmed our second home visit for July 9th. How exciting is that!?! We are one BIG step closer to getting Matthew and Ivanna.

On another note: our medical form for our Dossier was not completely done correctly. I hope to go to the physician's office today after hearing back from our stateside team to see if she can fix all the errors. I would ask that you pray that this goes smoothly. Thank you.

I will leave you with a little sneak peek picture of an item that will be in the raffle. Can you guess?


handstrustinhim said...

A VACATION to the beach house with views across the Puget Sound of SEATTLE>>>WOOT WOOT...what an awesome item to BID ON!!!

Jenny B. said...

YAY!!!! So glad to hear that you got more items and can't wait for the raffle!! :)

Lacey said...

I'm sorry but i had to giggle when you said your medical form was wrong. We had to redo ours 4 times!! Your blog is so cute. Do you want me to send pics of stuff for you to auction?


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