Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's the Simplest of Things

Tomorrow we go to apply for our passports - and I am on cloud nine! Ask me and I cannot really pinpoint it. I just know that after tomorrow morning I get to check 'passports' off of my "to-do" list. Small thing to some, but for me - just one step closer to bring home Matthew and Ivanna. We also have lab draws in the morning and plan to start our online courses to finish up our homestudy. I "secretly" would like to button up the homestudy courses by Monday evening. (fingers crossed) Then next week is our physicals. That should be the last of what we need to get finished in order to have our social worker complete our homestudy. He then will follow up with one more visit at the end of June. This whole process is pretty involved, but has really suprised me in how quickly it *can* move along - if your willing to put the effort forth.
Once our homestudy is finished, we hope to apply for some grants. There are not a whole lot available, as we are considered an independent adoption, but there are some. Why are we not going through an agency? Well, there really isn't a need to. The country we are adopting from does not require it, and there is an additional cost with going through an agency. I think later this weekend I will try and upload some more pictures of Matthew and Ivanna that the director at Reece's Rainbow had. I think of them often. I find myself praying for their meals to be filling, nights to be restful, and for them to find comfort in the arms of their caregivers. I especially pray that they will NOT be TRANSFERRED!!! Please join me in this specific prayer. Matthew and Ivanna are on borrowed time as far as their orphanage residence is concerned, and could be transferred at any time. If you are unaware of the conditions of the mental institutions in Eastern Europe - I encourage you to do a little research. At the very least, it will help you to remember to pray for those little ones.

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