Saturday, July 17, 2010

Auction Winners

This is a list of the winning bidders from the auction. If you won - you can pay via the chip in located down below in a previous post. Once you have paid I will either deliver the item or mail it, depending on where you live.

Thank you so much for your involvement and support.

Nursing Cover: Meagan P.
Family Portrait Session: Simpson Family
Child Portrait Session: Bowden Family
Flower Hair Clips: Henson Family
Spindlenique Boutique Gift Cert. #1: Henson Family
Spindlenique Boutique Gift Cert. #2: Henson Family
Mt. Rainier Portrait: Mcarthur Family
Denim Bag: Debbie M.
Brown Bracelet: Kim H.
Coach Purse: Mark L.
Gym Membership: Jenny S.
Teeth Whitening: Cindee C.
Blankie: April N.
Ladybug, etc. Clips: Cindee C.
Guitar Strap: Spain Family
Tu-Tu: Deb Whitaker
Jammies: A. Ament
Greeting Cards: Jenny S.

Thank you for your help in saving Matthew and Ivanna. We can't wait to bring them home.
Next auction starts August 10th

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Garth and Becky said...

Hey, I think you meant that the Simpsons won the Family Photo Shoot. = )


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