Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mine Eye Affecteth Mine Heart...

...and in reflection, though it is hard to see, I am so thankful that my Lord has opened my eyes to see that which is hard to see, and yet is a reality. The verse quoted in the title of this post was Lamentations 3:51. It was written by a prophet who looked on the desolation of his own country and the persecution of his people and was impacted...moved with compassion.

We too have been moved with compassion. To the prophet he was viewing the persecution of a people that had turned from the things of God and suffered for it. Today we are moved because of the fruits of a people who have forgotten that ALL children have been formed in the womb by the hand of the Lord, made perfectly...some with extra leaves (chromosomes), some without...every one fearfully and wonderfully made by the perfect hand of a loving Father.

Many children in far away lands have no voice, and some because of their disabilities are not given the opportunity for life with a loving family. Recently we viewed a clip from the Today show on the state of foreign mental institutions for disabled children and was again moved with compassion.

Please pray for these little ones. I know that the Lord can bring them a comfort that I could never understand...and yet I know that He would not have our family stand by and not act on their behalf.

We are thankful for your prayers as we endeavor to bring Matthew and Ivanna home as soon as possible. We would not want them to spend a single day in an institution if at all possible.

Phillip Browning

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Walking With Christ said...

Wow is all I have to say.. Watching that video just touched my heart. Praise the Lord that you have the Opportunity to bring home just two of many children like that. Praying for you guys and for those little children who don't really have much of a life.


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