Monday, July 5, 2010

A *Jaxson's Blankies for Babes* blankie

Starting Bid: $5.00

This blankie is a donation from Lacey Rugg ~ Jaxson's mommy.

Lacey and her family are adopting from the same orphanage that Matthew and Ivanna are at. She also has a little boy at home with an "extra leaf" like our Justus, Matthew and Ivanna. Jaxson has had many medical needs and has spent a majority of his little life in a hospital room. Because of this, Lacey has started her own type of ministry by making blankies for critically ill children who are facing life threatening diseases or illness. This very special blankie is one of "Jaxson's Blankies for Babes". We feel very humbled that she would donate one of these blankies to our raffle. A very special blankie indeed.

You can visit her adoption blog at: or you can visit Jaxson's blankies at:

Justus has stayed in a hospital now four times in his first year of life. I have been on the receiving end of getting to wrap my sick baby in a blanket that some sweet soul has sacrificed time to make ~ and it was a comfort. Sometimes it's just the most simplest of things as receiving a blanket from a stranger that can put a little wind in your sails. Thank you Lacey for doing this for others!


The Casaus House said...


Tom and April said...

I would like to bid $10 on the blankie for my my Jaxson :)April Newcomb.

Tom and April said...

10-April Newcomb.

Jess, Sam, Elyse & Hadley Mickle said...

$15 Samantha Mickle

Tom and April said...



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