Monday, July 5, 2010

Blog Auction!

Welcome to our first blog auction.

We are hoping that this will be a fun way to raise some funds to help bring Matthew and Ivanna home.
*We were going to be holding a raffle instead of an auction, but in researching a bit further - it looks as if there may be some question regarding it's legality. We are not entirely sure, and unfortunately I misplaced my stack of hundred dollar bills to check with our lawyer on this. Soooo ... WELCOME TO OUR AUCTION! ;)
How it works:
* You just leave your highest bid under the comment field of each item you would like to bid on. *** NOTE***Your bid is what you agree to pay at the end of auction.
* At the end of the auction period (one week) the highest bidder on each item wins that item! You will then need to pay via the Chip In located on side bar of blog in order for the item to be delivered or shipped to you.
* Be sure to hit "older posts" at the bottom of page to see more items. Not all items will be on one page. This is due to our high amount of FABULOUS donations!
* You can always go back and bid higher on an item if someone outbids you. This is all in fun and done in a donation type spirit - so have fun, and know that we are so thankful for you are HELPING US BRING THEM HOME!
* If you have any questions please use the 'contact us' tab in the menu.
~~ To all who have donated you have made this possible and your efforts and talents are extremely appreciated~~ THANK YOU
*** As of 10:00 pm , July 6th - there are still some issues with Blogger publishing comments. Some comments are published, some are not. I would encourage you to go back and leave a comment if you do not *see* your bid. I am finding that all the comments are now visible in comment field - just not showing up below post section. So just because an item might have "0 comments" below it, does not mean no one has left a bid. Be sure to double check by clicking on "comments". I do receive email notification of your comment and will go back and double check to be sure your bids are visible. I think this will clear up soon. Thanks for your patience***

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