Thursday, July 1, 2010


God is providing. I can't tell you how full my heart is right now. He is continually teaching me that trusting in Him is the key. Full trust. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for teaching me your faithfulness in provision. This adoption is not just about us loving and bringing home Matthew and Ivanna. It has impacted me ~ through and through ~ already. God is showing me that He is able to provide the ability to do this, the encouragement to go on, the reassurance that this is His will for our family right now, and the financial needs along the way. These are NOT little things. I can't adequately express how God is providing. I don't even know where to begin. It's all in different forms and ways. From one person offering to help with creating cards with our information on it, to another handing over a pocketful of cash, to another tearfully giving me a hug, donations to our raffle, sacrifices of time and talents galore, and yet others who now are entertaining the notion of becoming a forever family themselves. ALL of this, is HUGE in the eyes of our Lord - and has humbled this lady's spirit - KNOWING that it is all coming from Him.
Provision. Awesome. Encouraging. Humbling.
Thank you Jesus ... Thank you.


Simpson Family said...

Keep on keeping on!!! Bring those beautiful babies home. We love you !!

Tommy said...

Praise the Lord for His loving kindenss through friends, family and perfect strangers!! He is the great Provider!!! Can't wait for the raffle!!!! ~April


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