Friday, January 21, 2011

Auction Results

First, I want to thank each and every one of you who participated in this auction. The people who donated their time, talents and energy is humbling. Some of you - I have never met, nor will we probably ever meet - as many of you live throughout the nation. Yet, you saw a need and came forward and ASKED if YOU could help/donate. Wow! THANK YOU! To those who were involved by bidding - I also want to extend a very heartfelt thank you. Having items available means nothing if no one comes forward to purchase them. I know you could have spent your money in different types of ways, but it is your spirit of GIVING for BRIAN that has been the blessing. Finally, I want to thank those who maybe were not able to give donations or bid, but you PRAYED for provision - a BIG thank you!

NOW for the good stuff:

My personal prayer with this auction was that the Burger family would be able to raise the amount needed to pay for the USCIS fees ... $720.00. This is crucial in that this process takes FOREVER typically and it needs to be started like yesterday! ;) I am ELATED to report that the grand total of this auction ... is ... $$745.00!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!! WOOT WOOT! Okay ... I'm done now... :)

So ... here are the list of names that have won items. Please be sure to go to the Burger's blog:

and pay by using the red chip in please (not the other one - this will make the funds available immediately for the Burgers so they can use the money to pay USCIS) Be sure to leave your address and name as well as what item you paid for in the comment field. THANK YOU!

Flower Hair pretties: M. Lacombe $20
Apron: Teresa Simpson $20
Scentsy Warmer: J. Broxton $16
Child Skirt: C. Browning $20
"The Open Door": K. Long $17
Guitar Strap: A. Brown $10
Tile Necklace: Melissa M. $20
Wipe Container: April Miller $10
Happy Hartman Birdhouse: Nancy $15
Valentine Korkers: C. Casaus $20
Ceramic Quote Tile: Kristy Howard $20
Smokey Quartz Pendant: Erin Riddle $5
Fossil Purse: Elizabeth $15
Pampered Chef Oval Baker: Teresa Simpson $25
Silver Pendant: Sherry Noland $30
Wedgwood Frame: Erin Riddle $5
Maternity Skirt: J. Bodin $20
Jones NY Purse: Maribeth $20
Tan Hooded Towel: Amy Dolloff $20
Turquoise Hooded Towel: Sherry Noland $30
Boathouse Stay: Vi Abing $150
'An Extra Leaf' Canvas: A. Hand $20
Baby Booties: Holly Hilson $15
Long Ds Korker Pretties: Katie $6
Matryoshka Doll: Lisa Peele $65
Owl Lovey: Katie $12
Pink/Brown Hat: A. Hand $10
Baby Blanket: Nicole $20
Spring Pretties: C.Casaus $20
Beach Glass: A. Newcomb $25
Lasagna: C. Browning $15
Small Ds Korker pretties: Maribeth $10
Sense & Sensibility Pattern: Katie $8
Magnetix Set: J. Broxton $11

*** If you won multiple items, please add them up and go here:

Use the red chip in to pay for your item. THANK YOU!

If you have any questions, please use the 'contact us' button located at the top of this page.


Ben and Melanie said...

WOW!!!! That is truly AWESOME :)!

Amy said...

Praise the LORD

Vi Abing said...

I have never used ChipIn before but I did make a payment. Hope it went through OK. I'm looking forward to out "mini" vacation in the beach house. Please forward any info we need to schedule it. Thanks a lot. Praise the Lord for the funds raised and for all your hard work.

Amy said...

Just paid. I look forward to using the towel with Gabriel.

I graduated from Clover park HS in Lake wood and my parents still live there. Now I live in VT with my hubbie and 4 kiddos- mylittlest is DS.

So proud of you all in the adoption process.

MissyB said...

A Huge Thank You to All!!! We praise the Lord for His goodness to us!! Love you Charrissa =)

Amy said...

did you get my address off the billing?

Melissa M said...

I'm so happy the auction was such a wonderful success!


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