Thursday, January 13, 2011

An Extra Leaf Canvas

Creator: Lu at Poppies Blooming

Lu designed this website for us in an effort to help us with getting awareness out about our own adoption and fundraise. It is beautiful. Well, Lu does this for many of the families adopting through Reece's Rainbow, she just has a beautiful heart. We have taken to calling her "Sweet Lu". Anyhow, she also gave us two canvases with the poem 'An Extra Leaf' that I wrote on it. It is beautiful and would make a great framed gift to someone who is apart of the Ds community, or perhaps you would like it yourself?

It is unframed and measures: approx. 11.5"heighth x 17" width

Please feel free to visit Lu's website full of design services.


Sherry Noland said...

I will start off at $15.00.
Sherry Noland

handstrustinhim said...



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