Friday, January 7, 2011

Bring Brian home

Remember me? My name is Brian.

I turned five on Thanksgiving. That puts me in danger of being transferred to a mental institution very soon like my little buddy, Brady was ~ all because I have Down syndrome. Brady was in my same orphanage, and was transferred at five and a half years old. It is a place I do not want to go - cold, poor, and without any stimulation. Praise God, the Burger family has stepped out on faith to rescue me. They are having a difficult time raising my Ransom (fundraising). Please help me, by helping them. Their immediate financial need is $720 for the USCIS fee. This is dire to getting paid and applied for asap - as it takes a LONG time for approval. There is more need financially, but this is immediate and my desire is that we would at least raise this amount with the auction! WE CAN DO IT!
We will be holding a blog auction here on this blog, starting next week on Tuesday. Would you consider helping by donating any new handmade items or services? You can also help the Burger family by donating directly to their FSP.

Let's work together and help bring Brian home to his forever family so he too, can know the love of a family.

Cross posting and helping us to promote will be a HUGE help. We will start the blog auction on Tuesday morning and run it for one week.

Thank you!


nicole said...

Donated to little Brian. Thanks for sharing.

GordonWesFamily said...

Where are the items up for Auction?


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