Monday, January 10, 2011

A Box

Saturday, we received a surprise box on our doorstep. The kids excitedly brought the big orange package into the home and immediately pleaded to open it. I did not order anything. I wasn't expecting a package of any sort. I looked at the labels, and a smile came to my lips.
It was from a friend, that I have never met. Never have hugged, yet feel so close to. Never have I met her children, yet I pray for son Harley - when he is ill. You see, we know one another through Facebook. We met, united through one very special commonality: we both have children with "extra leaves" (extra 21st chromosome).
Awhile back, I thought it would be beneficial to make contact with others in the Down syndrome community. Debbie Marks was one of the first people that I struck up conversations with - all having to do with our boys. Ironically enough, Harley and Justus both look like one another and share many of the same traits. Debbie and her family have been a HUGE encouragement throughout our adoption journey.
This is the second time the Marks family has out of the blue - sent us a package full of goodies. Just for fun. What a blessing this particular package was. It came at a time that I just needed some encouragement. It made me tear up with gratitude. That someone I have never met - would think so much to sacrifice time and money to do such a thing. It really touched my heart, as well as the rest of my family's hearts.
To the Marks family: thank you.

I also wanted to post a note about our upcoming blog auction to benefit the Burger family. It was originally scheduled to go up tomorrow (Tuesday), but we are awaiting a couple of donations via mail - and so I need to postpone the auction until Thursday - hoping that the items arrive by then so I can upload the images.
I appreciate your patience. I anticipate a great participation. My hope is that we can help the Burgers pay for the USCIS application. This fee is $720. I know several of you have not only donated items for the auction, but also have donated via their chip in on their blog. There are two chip ins on their blog. One is directed to their FSP (family sponsorship page) with the money going into that grant available at travelling time and the other is directed to their own paypal account which allows them to access that money at any time. If you feel led to donate - it may be better to do so into the red chip in (private paypal acct.) This will help the Burger family pay for the USCIS application. This is a critical step, and needs to be done asap due to the length of time it takes to be approved.
I am looking forward to seeing how God provides for the Burger family in bringing Brian home!


The Broxton's said...

What a blessing!!!
I Love the photos, especially the 2nd one---WHAT A CUTIE!!!!!

Looking Up said...

I love the pics. :) Debbie is a great person. She's a caring mom who has also turned into an adovacate for those with special needs. I've met her & other amazing people simply because our kids happen to have Down syndrome. I am so thankful for my son & thankful for the people who have crossed my path because of him.

handstrustinhim said...

Oh how I love the 2nd picture of Max holding his item from the box and then the last picture of him sitting in the box!!!
LOve you and miss you and I am praying somehow someway I can hug you one last time before leaving for Italy for 3 years.


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