Thursday, January 13, 2011

Matryoshka Doll

This Matryoshka Doll (nesting doll) was purchased by yours truly from the outdoor market located right across the street from the SDA of Max and Ivanna's country. I purchased her as we sat outside waiting for some paperwork to be approved by the SDA in order for us to pick up our referrals.

Unfortunately we only bought one of her - and I am hoping that my sweet friend Luba might pick up a couple more for me in February. (wink wink) Anyhow, she is beautiful and has ten pieces. She is mostly blue and white with gold highlights and I believe she is all hand crafted.

Each piece or doll has different scenes painted on them. Even the tiniest little piece. It simply is amazing to see the detail.

This is your opportunity to have an authentic souvenir straight from Eastern Europe. ;)


Cathy said...

Love these!! $25.00

tommy said...


Tom and April said...


Dee Vegkley said...

These would be the perfect addition to Abby's collection!
$45.00 - The Vegkleys

Melissa M said...


Dee Vegkley said...

$60 - The Vegkleys

Lisa said...

These are beautiful :)

$65 Lisa Peele


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