Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eyes and Tummies

Well, we hope we have found out the root to Max's reflux. We hope. Last week we received a phone call from our pediatrician confirming what I had suspected - both kids are H. Pylori positive. This was not initially tested for, and I ended up asking for it specifically after seeing a lot of other children adopted from this country having issues and being positive. H. Pylori is a bacteria that lives in the stomach and can cause ulcer like symptoms ... including: reflux.
Now, for many people - they may have it but have no symptoms. However, Max and Ivanna both have bloated tummies, terrible breath, horrific smelling diapers, and Max has the reflux. Both children are now on two different antibiotics and some sort of tummy antacid. Funny - Max hasn't "tossed his cookies" since being treated. However, this just might be a fluke. Time will tell. I am just hoping that the rest of the family doesn't come down with it too.
We also have had eye appointments for both children. Max is severely near-sighted. He also has a nasty little eye infection from a clogged tear duct. So, he gets warm compresses, eye drops and glasses. (CUTE)
If the eye duct continues to bother him we will do surgery to open it up. Prayerfully he won't have to do that. Ivanna has one eye that crosses inward pretty bad. She has been mostly using her strong eye. So, we are patching the strong eye two hours a day to help strengthen the other eye. If left untreated, the weak eye will eventually go blind. She will need surgery once the weak eye is strong enough to straighten it out so that both eyes can work together. So, she gets to look like a little pirate for two months. She hates every minute of it. We are also going to get her glasses to see if it helps with her minimal near-sightedness.
Please don't forget about the blog auction starting tomorrow afternoon. I am PRAYING that the Burgers are able to pay/apply for USCIS fees with the funds generated from this auction.
Have a beautiful rest of your week. We are so blessed that you continue to support and follow along. Thank you!!!
Ivanna is beautiful, but especially so when she is LAUGHING! Here, her Daddy is pretending to sit on her. She thought it was hilarious. Justus ... not so much! ;)


The Broxton's said...

Bud laughs when we 'pretend' to sit on him. I love hearing him laugh!

We will be praying for there health! I am nearsided too! I can't wait to see little max in glasses!

The Broxton's said...


(it is late..i am tired..)

B.E.Hughes said...

So good to know what you are dealing with and that all the "problems" for them can be treated and go away. Praying for you all.

Gretchen Thibault said...

To keep in mind....6 of the 10 of us ended up with it after Stas came home. Did you test everyone? My husband and I got it, our Ricky who is Stas' age got it....just retested the little two, one has it again so now we ALL get tested again...families just give it back and forth according to the GI.

Would love to talk details with you off the blog! Stinky topic to expand upon :-)

Tom and April said...

LOVE that smile I can almost hear her little laugh at daddy sitting on her! We will be praying all of these minor issues get straightened out and not passed around. Again THANKFUL all is minor! Praise the Lord! OH yes and cannot wait to see pics of little Max with glasses and Ivanna with her pirate patch :) Love you all dearly! Nukes.

The Casaus House said...

We have been doing the patching with Macy since she was 10 months. Does Ivanna have a strabismus or astigmatism? I will be praying for their little eyes. :( However, I agree with you, glasses are so cute!

Faith for Hope said...

Patches, glasses, surgery .... done it all... began when Emilee was 2. It may get tiring and frustrating at times with them, but don't give up ... it'll be worth it to keep her vision. Any questions, just ask... I do remember a few tricks. Praying for their tummy troubles to heal soon. ~ Grace


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