Friday, January 28, 2011

In Memory

I awoke this morning to a bit of craziness in my home. We have been battling the stomach flu and so far six out of eight children have fallen victim to it's unmerciful grips. I won't lie - it's during times like this that you can feel a bit overwhelmed and discouraged at the mounds of laundry piling up and dirty dishes in your sink. But God has a way of smiting the hearts of those He loves in a very sobering fashion.
After I cleaned up after Ivanna's tummy flu episode this morning and grabbed my cup of coffee, I hopped on Facebook real quick and discovered some tragic news.
Little Sandra listed with Reece's Rainbow had passed. She has lived in orphanage 31 all her life and as you can see from her beautiful almond eyes, was blessed by that 'extra leaf'. She was in the same country as my Max and Ivanna. She is beautiful. My heart grieves for the loss, for the the fact that she died without ever knowing a family.
Some may question my grief when I didn't even know her. Well, I look at her image on my screen and I see my very own Justus, Max and Ivanna. Then I see the rest of my children in her. You see, it isn't necessary to "know" someone to feel the burden that God can give. It simply requires looking past our desire to be comfortable and look within and apply the plight of the orphan in a very real way - imagine your own children in the same environment. Having compassion can be the source of action - and can be the burden that God has given.
God can also give peace. He does so liberally. All that is needed is faith in Him. To believe in God as Saviour of the world and place your trust, your actions, your very life - to Him.
Yes, little Sandra is gone. Yes, tragic is the loss. Tragic is the fact that she had no family. Comforting is the fact that she rests in the arms of our Saviour for eternity.
.... and even as I write this ...
My whole household is in uproar, applauding and cheering. Because Ivanna just stood on her own, and walked to my oldest son.
... weeping ...
Thank you Lord, for this wonderful opportunity to share in the blessing of seeing you redeem these children, Max and Ivanna.
Let's remember Sandra in the best way we can: by advocating for the orphan - and sharing the good news of the gospel. God will supply the blessing if we simply step out on faith ...


Tom and April said...

Beautifully post. Thanks.
p.s. happy Ivanna is WALKING!!

B.E.Hughes said...

I'm weeping with you on the loss of her chances for changes in this life. On the other hand, knowing the face of Jesus that was a VERY good morning for that sweet face! God knew she was needing some hands on care and took her home to Himself! THAT's a very good thing!

PTL that Ivanna continues to mobilize! I love hearing of her progress! YAY Ivanna!

The Casaus House said...

So heartbroken Charrissa. I have been praying for Miss Sandra for quite a while now. I have even imagined her as one of mine. I know she is finally experiencing love greater than even the love of an earthly family...just so sad she didn't have that while here. Real stuff.

Faith for Hope said...

Although I was very sad this morning, I know she is VERY happy now with the BEST Father anyone could ever have! YAY! for Ivanna!!!! Such a sweetie... can't wait to see her running around that house! Look out Brownings!! ~~ Rick and Grace

Kelly said...

Something about her face...she looks like she could be mine. I'm touched.

So happy to hear about Ivanna!


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