Thursday, January 13, 2011

Green Earth Landscaping

~ Proprietor: Josh Casaus ~

This is an amazing offer - a "Clean Up" that entails the following:

~ 2 men at eight hours work each (16 man hours)

~ a one time mow

~ one time line trim

~ blow

~ rake and weed of all beds

~ prune all shrubs

~ 50% off bark installation (optional) works out to be about $15/yd

~ Dump fees included

I know that something like this is quite expensive, as we have looked into having the same done a couple years back and the quote was well above $1,500.

So, we will open it up for bidding but we have a reserve minimum bid that has already been agreed upon by Green Earth. I won't disclose that yet - however, if you are the high bidder but did not meet the reserve you will not be subject to receive the service, nor obligated to pay the bid at auction end. Have fun bidding!!!

1 comment:

Kristy said...

would love this! wish they could come to cali!


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