Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spindlenique Boutique Skirt

This is a hand crafted skirt by Amanda Hand, owner of Spindlenique Boutique. If you know her work - you know just how talented my sweet friend of nearly twelve years really is. I love her and how she has such a heart to be a blessing to so many. I also love her skirts ;)
These skirts are PERFECT for just everyday. If I could - I would live in these skirts. I have two, and wear them all the time. Super cute with flip flops and T-shirt. Seriously ... cute stuff!
This is a size 6 skirt made from Gap blue jeans. From waist to hem it measures approx. 21".
Amanda does have an etsy shop called Spindlenique Boutique.
*** Amanda shipped me oodles of these types of skirts from her inventory. So, I will be uploading some of them here, but more on my FB wall. All proceeds of both auctions go to the Burger family. ***
If you are not "friends" with me already here is our FB name: PhillipCharrissa Browning
I will probably be posting them later tonight or tomorrow.

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The Casaus House said...

I LOVE this skirt. I'm not a size 6 though. Do you have any other sizes?


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