Thursday, January 13, 2011

'The Open Door'

This post is for one new copy of 'The Open Door' by J.L. Ragsdale.

This is not a polished, literary work, but rather the very heartbeat of soldiers of Christ out in the battlefield of life-right here in the heart of America. It is a true story of a couple who left their well-to-do California home to establish The Open Door Children's Home and received life's richest reward, that of loving and protecting those who are closest to the heart of God-the children. You'll find yourself struggling to hold back the tears.

This contains 192 pages and is published by Lamplighter Publishing.

This story has IMPACTED our family in a mighty way. We read it as a family for family devotions, and the story paired with the pictures included within it's pages affected every one of us. This is a story worthy of your time - and worthy to be passed down to your children.


Anonymous said...

$10...Kristi Long

AddingOn said...

15.00 Cara

Anonymous said...

$17....Kristi Long


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